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Soon after we began developing mobile apps, we realized that the functionality sets of majority of apps can be more or less derived from a master set of standard features. This literally meant that most developers were spending more than 80 % of their time doing repeat work, essentially writing code, which somebody else had already written in the past.

We wished to address this problem. As a first step, we decided to build a mobile application development platform for internal use in our company. The idea was to build a suit of server-side / cloud-side and mobile-side software modules, which could be mixed and matched with each other for building different kinds of apps. Thus, the first version of ZonCon was built. And the results were simply great! Our productivity increased massively. Using the ZonCon platform we were able to churn out complex apps extremely real quick in matter of days.

Once we were confident about the promise of ZonCon, we decided to take it to the next level. As the next step, we have now opened the ZonCon platform to developers outside our company as well. We are now encouraging developers to leverage our platform for developing top-quality native apps lightning fast! Increase in productivity is guaranteed.

How it works

Every dynamic mobile application has 3 minimum essential components - the cloud component, the mobile component and the API / services component. In actuality, the functionality sets of all the apps can be more or less derived from a master set of standard features. This means that most developers spend more than 80 % of their time doing repeat work, essentially writing code, which somebody else has already written in the past.

After this realization, we began work and have come up with our product, ZonCon, that drastically accelerates the mobile application development. A typical mobile app which usually takes around 5-6 months to develop could now be developed only in a few days using ZonCon.


Our experience told us that faster development can only happen, if one strikes the perfect balance between automation and customization. ZonCon strives to help developers achieve this balance.

ZonCon has both cloud-side and mobile-side offerings.

First, ZonCon provides a master feature set of plug'n'play cloud-side software modules, which the developers can utilize and avoid repeat work. Second, wherever there is a need of customization particularly on the mobile side, ZonCon provides ready open-source software themes / templates, which developers can download and customize. We also provide open-source web templates, in cases where both websites and mobile apps need to be managed by a single ZonCon backend.

Mobile Application Development Process

Requirement Analysis
Figuring out use-cases, workflows, overall functionalities

System Architecture Design
Identifying high-level software structures, choosing technologies

Database Design
Creation of data model for both the server side and the client side

API Design
Based on the data model, use-cases and workflows, create services that interface the server side software with the client-side software

Backend Software Development
Implementation of DB model, development of server side software for data management, development of services from API

UIUX Design
Analysis and design of mobile screens from workflows, look and feel, user interactions and artwork

Frontend Software Development
Development of actual mobile application according to UIUX analysis, integration with server by consumption of services API

System Testing
Integration testing, regression testing, stress testing, security testing, alpha & beta testing

Release & Store Management
Look & feel of the app on the store, screenshots, app icon, feature graphics & videos, store listing

Analyzing crash reports, testing the app on newly released mobile devices and operating system versions, removing bugs and updating the store release

User Feedback & Data Generation
Analyzing the data gathered from the in-app analytics software and explicit feedback received over email, replying to store reviews & comments

Incremental Development
Upgrade the app using the feedbacks and analyzed data, add new features, remove unnecessary features

How ZonCon Optimizes The App Development Process

We currently focus on only three categories of mobile apps -
(1) Event / Conference apps,
(2) E-commerce apps and
(3) Content Publishing / Blog apps.

For these three categories we have already done most of the hard work for the developers. We have already implemented steps 1 to 7. We have already analyzed the requirements, designed the software architecture and database and have developed API services that the developers can use. To also help developers in UIUX design and frontend software development, we have created open source native mobile application templates that seamlessly integrate with the backend services.

Steps for working with us are as follows:

Step 1 - Developer Signup
Depending upon the type of project, the developer will have to pay the project setup fee (see pricing) and complete the sign up process.

Step 2 - Backend Setup
After the developer signup completes, we will setup the backend services for the project. Setup time would be 2-3 days.

Step 3 - Customization
While the ZonCon team is setting up the backend, the developer could download the front-end source-code of the template of his choice and get familiarized with it. It can then be customized further according to the finer requirements.

Step 4 - Release
After the development & testing cycles complete, the developer can release the app on whichever store he wants to (Android or IOS).



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